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Absolute Media Library

Database program for cataloging and tracking all types of physical media like Books, CDs, DVDs
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24 September 2008

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In case you are looking for a tool to track your information, then do give a thought to the Absolute Media Library which makes the job a cakewalk. It would help you with all the data that you need to keep record of and access them whenever you feel like. The software has good functioning and would help you to effortlessly manage a great deal of data.

The software after taking a moderate time for downloading and installing, starts up with a simple screen. It has the different features for performing the task. It is of great use for the personal as well as professional details. You can check the loan status and the history and even you can have the notes and other details. The screen in the middle shows the record of the listed and the selected files. It shows details like title, file type, category, etc. The right side column shows some of the option and the list of the chosen category. You can make the library search; select the ‘Search for’ option and the type of files you want. You can search the listed records or the library. You can set and see the borrower’s database showing all the information about the person. The list is shown and you can see the terms of loans, address and other notes. Select from the list and the information about the person is shown on the right side. You can also view the reports of the inventory and you can get a print also. The information about the records, library and log in is shown on the lower part of the screen. There are different other option on the menu bar like for listing and changing the view. Record or delete according to your requirement and save the details.

The software overall does a commendable job in quickly tracking and logically storing all information that is often required by you. With the accompanying Help guide you are sure to find a pleasure to use.

Publisher's description

Absolute Media Library is a database program for cataloging and tracking all types of physical media like Books, CDs, DVDs, or any format you can think of. Abs also tracks people who you lend items to, keeps inventory, and can generate reports. Abs can be used in both professional libraries and corporate network environments, as well as in the home for the hobbyists or collectors who simply need to inventory their collection.
Absolute Media Library
Absolute Media Library
Version 2.0.5
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